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Berkshire was founded in 1966 by George and Douglas Krupp, two brothers who wanted to change the way residents experienced apartment living. As the company grew, they realized the importance of hiring the right talent and investing in those individuals to operate the company. To learn from their experiences. To listen to the needs to both residents and associates to build a great company.

Over the years, by listening and attending to the need of residents and improving our business model in the process, the company grew and evolved, touching lives in markets across the country. Berkshire started small, then grew substantially over the next 50 years.

Berkshire evolved to become one of the largest companies in the multifamily residential space and consistently ranks among the top Apartment Owners, in 2017 ranking at #46 in the NHMC Top 50.

Berkshire is celebrating 50 years

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Berkshire Today

Apartment living has evolved immensely since Berkshire’s beginnings in 1966, changing even more over the last decade than in Berkshire’s entire history. Residents now have more choices than ever. Many are choosing apartments as their long-term homes, citing the flexibility, worry-free maintenance and a sense of the community as primary benefits. The finish levels and amenities of our apartment homes rival the most luxurious homes in all of our markets. Whether you want to sip a latte in Seattle, take a walk on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, or overlook the Boston Harbor – Berkshire delivers an exceptional living experience to residents in over 70 communities across 17 states.

Culture of Inclusion

Berkshire is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work! Here are some highlights of our 2017 Leadership Conference in Palm Coast, Florida. Our events included building bikes for children in need, our much anticipated Awards Ceremony, and a groovy 1960s themed celebration.

Our Focus for the Future

The next 50 years for Berkshire will be even more important than its first 50 years. With that in mind, Berkshire has active initiatives in place that focus on our role as a corporate citizen and places special emphasis on our role in making the world a better place to live. Berkshire has launched a sustainability program that encompasses conservation of resources, recycling initiatives, and the support of cleaner transportation. For our associates, we also have programs in place that focus on social responsibility, inclusiveness, and career growth.

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