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5 Easy Ways to Perfect Your Tennis Game at Home


Looking for a few new ways to improve your tennis game, but can’t make it to Balboa Tennis Club for lessons? You don’t need a court to become a better tennis player. In fact, you don’t even need to leave The REY. Here are five easy ways to perfect your game at home:

Shadow Swings

While it’s probably not a good idea to really let it rip in your apartment, you can still practice your tennis swing at home. Shadow swings are a great way to work out the kinks in your stroke. Stand in front of a mirror and practice fundamentals like:

  • Ready position
  • Backswing
  • Forward swing

Practice Your Toss

Everyone knows how important your serve is, but few give the toss the respect it deserves. In fact, we’d go so far as to say the toss is criminally underrated, which is exactly why you should be practicing yours at home. All you need is a rolled-up pair of socks.

  • Toss from the shoulder
  • Ensure a smooth, controlled motion
  • Don’t throw the ball too high or too low

Study the Pros – On YouTube

FINALLY, an excuse to watch YouTube videos all day. Watch clips of Venus, Serena, Rafa, Djoko, or Fed to channel your inner superstar. Take note of their approach, follow through, and most importantly, their anticipation. Notice how they read their opponent and vary their technique accordingly.   

Lift Weights at the Fitness Center

While nothing can replace practice, lifting weights is an easy way to improve your tennis game. Not only will it help you hit the ball harder and with more control, it can also prevent injuries. Here are a few exercises you can perform at home or in our gym to get started:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lateral Raise
  • Forward Raise
  • Standing Bicep Curl
  • Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Wrist Curl
  • Pushups

Take Yoga for Balance

Tennis is a game of precision and balance, and nothing balances you quite like yoga. Increase your mobility, agility, and recovery time with these three poses:

  • Cat-Cow – Warms up and stretches your back. Take note of any unilateral tightness.
  • Supine Spinal Twist – Release tension in your lower back with this pose.
  • Warrior II – Improves stamina, strengthens legs and ankles, and stretches the groin, chest, and shoulders

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player, or an old pro, it pays to get back to basics. Visit one of San Diego’s many tennis centers to learn more about different ways to perfect your game at home.

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