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From Fun Runs to Half Marathons, San Diego’s Most Popular Races


If you like to run as much as we do, then you know one of the biggest perks of living in San Diego is the year-round running weather. Unlike colder climates, there is no off-season here. Forget about slipping on ice or temperatures that drop below freezing. In San Diego, there is a race for every season. From 5ks to half marathons, check out our some of our favorite San Diego races in the list below!

Best 2017 San Diego Running Races

How to Prepare for a Race

Regardless of the race distance, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for any run. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next race:

Taper:  The key to success before any race is to taper your training. As a general rule, cut your normal mileage in half the week prior to the race to keep your legs fresh.

Preview the Course: Avoid big surprises on race day by running the course beforehand. Knowing what hills to expect and landmarks to recognize will make running the route that much easier.

Prep Your Gear: Gather together all the gear you are going to need the night before your race. That includes your race bib, safety pins, rehydration gel or tablets, water bottle, running shoes, etc.

Fuel Right: Carb loading is a slippery slope. Instead of packing in the lasagna or spaghetti the night before a race, eat what has worked for you in the past. That means food and drink that won’t upset your stomach.

Chill Out: Relax! Races are meant to be fun! Remember, your fellow racers are there for the same reasons you are – to have fun, challenge yourself, and to enjoy a tasty post-race beverage.

Planning your 2017 San Diego race schedule? Make The REY your home base for downtown’s best runs.

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