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Tips to Keep Your Dog Quiet and Entertained While You Are Away


Getting left at home alone all day is ruff. So it’s no wonder your dog might be a little vocal when you leave. Some breeds, like terriers and poodles, are genetically prone to barking, others are anxious, and then there are the dogs that are just plain bored. The good news? You can fix that.

Although we are certainly not pet-behavior experts by trade, we've learned a few things over the years from helping residents and their pets live in harmony in our apartment communities across the country. 

Here are a few ideas to keep your pet quiet (and your neighbors happy) when you’re gone.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Quiet in an Apartment

Block Their View

If you have a naturally barky dog one of the best things you can do to keep them quiet is to block their view. No, you don’t have to black out your windows – you just have to close the blinds or move furniture away from the windows. By taking away the stimulus that excites them (sights and sounds), you keep them quieter when you are away.  

Buy a Thundershirt

For anxious dogs, being left alone can be especially nerve wracking. What if you never come back? We recommend you buy your little worrier a Thundershirt. Available in a variety of sizes, Thundershirts work by applying a gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant. Not only are they safe, they’re also effective for more than just soothing separation anxiety. You can use it to help your dog feel more comfortable on a leash, in the car, even at the groomers.

If the Thundershirt doesn’t work, check in with your vet. You dog may be in need of additional help.

Keep Them Busy

Not all barking is separation anxiety related. Sometimes it’s boredom. The best way to keep these dogs quiet is to give them a task. Puzzle toys are great for keeping dogs busy. Kong toys are among the best toys for bored dogs, and are especially popular with dog trainers. All you have to do is fill the Kong with a treat your dog loves and wait for them to work it out on their own. When you keep a dog busy, you keep them from barking.

Reach out to your veterinarian for more information on calming anxious dogs.

Learn more about Pet-Friendly San Diego Apartments

The REY is proud to welcome your cats and dogs to our community. Check out our Very Important Pets (VIP) program. We'll be dedicating great attention to our VIPs with an on-site, rooftop Pet Park, dog washing station, and Plaza Level pet friendly areas. Contact us to learn more about pet-friendly apartments for rent in the Cortez Hill neighborhood of downtown San Diego.  


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