the culture of berkshire communities


Berkshire Communities has a culture that breeds and encourages helping one another to achieve excellence. We embrace diversity in our people and our ideas and work together towards the common goal of providing the best living experience for our residents, and the best environment for learning and career development.

Want to know our secret for hiring & retaining the best talent?

We hire and promote those who are like-minded and believe in a culture that encourages our 8 Elements of Excellence. 

Excellence is key at Berkshire Communities

Berkshire Communities' 8 Elements of Excellence

  • Be Passionate – We believe in being zealous and going all in.
  • Be Committed to Excellence – We believe a great living experience begins with our unshakeable belief to serve others. Commit to excellence even when no one is watching!
  • Be Positive - We believe in being happy, and having fun! Positive energy turns into positive results.
  • Be Accountable - We believe in doing what you say you're going to do and deliver on your word. Walk the talk.
  • Be Different – We believe that differentiation will make us standout from the norm– we embrace fresh perspectives that will revolutionize our product, people & our purpose.
  • Be a Teacher - We believe in being better than we were yesterday and the day before. Be open to being a student and a teacher every day.
  • Be an Owner – We believe in empowering our people to do the right thing. Honesty, trust and integrity are important ingredients to Berkshire's heritage and success - and of course, common sense!
  • Be Berkshire – We believe together we will perpetuate excellence in everything we do. Be proud to be part of a winning team!
Glassdoor review services

2016 Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award Winner

Berkshire Communities is not only a great place to live but also a great place to work! In 2016, we were honored by our employees as a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award Winner. 99% of our employees who reviewed us on Glassdoor stated that they would recommend working at Berkshire to a friend, and our CEO received a 99% approval rating as well. Interested in learning more? Check our Glassdoor site to see for yourself!