I have been in a management position for over 20 years and particularly in property management for the past 15 years. Berkshire by far has been the best company that I have worked for. I have been amazed at how the company helps support and develops each employee to succeed at the highest level. The fostering and nurturing begins in each regional office in which it quickly identifies future leaders.  The continued development is aided by the Berkshire University online training program (its own training division helped create) as well partnering with a mentor in the company. The core values are a focus for each employee to uphold and there is a great focus on work/life balance.  Friendly, outgoing and caring is how I would describe the employees that work for Berkshire. I pinch myself when I wake up because I know that I am living the dream of working for such a great company. To attract great talent you must have and retain great talent, this is what Berkshire is all about.


After having been out of the multi-family industry for several years, I was attracted to Berkshire because of their commitment to training.  Berkshire is a rare company that believes in developing their employees and they seek out opportunities to use the unique talents of the individuals that work for them.  I enjoy the difference that I am allowed to make each day on my own property and the support that I feel from my direct supervisor, along with all of our regional people.  I feel that new ideas are welcomed and incorporated if they make sense to the property and/or company.  Berkshire is progressive in their approach to property management, customer satisfaction, and employee morale!   


Despite the distance between my home and my property, I have stayed with Berkshire because of the sense of family that I have here at my community specifically. My property manager has been more than a manager to me. She gives me advice like a mother, and she has helped me through personal family concerns. I know many of her family members personally, and they speak to me like a friend and not like their family member’s coworker. My best friend is the leasing consultant that works in our office. I feel like I have passed the same care, love and kindness to her as our manager has done for me. I have babysat her beautiful daughter and we have become really close friends. Our maintenance supervisor brings his son to my son’s birthday parties. Nobody in our office lets our friendships come between our work relationship, which is a very important skill. We bump heads like families do, but then we keep on truckin’. There is so much more I can say, but I will leave with this: I don’t know what I would I do if I lost my Berkshire family.


To quote the great philosopher Confucius, "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." My experience has been just that. Since the beginning of my career at Berkshire Communities I have been exposed to what it means to love what you do. When I first started interviewing I would hear the testimonials of people who have worked for Berkshire for years. Their pride, enthusiasm and sincere love for the company was almost unbelievable. As I approach my third year as a maintenance supervisor here, the relationship I have with my coworkers is amazing! It's like a family reunion when I get the opportunity to interact with other employees from different sites and from all over the country. It is such great pleasure to work with so many people from so many different backgrounds, and yet we all have a common goal, our residents. The support I receive from managers and other team members is top notch. Our team leaders are easy to talk to and don't feel out of reach. Berkshire's continuing education keeps us sharp and on top of the latest developments that pertain to our careers. It is more than a pleasure to work for such a great organization and I look forward to being a part of Berkshire's bright future.


I have been employed with Berkshire Communities for the past eight years and look forward to many more.  Berkshire follows a set of Core Values that I believe in and follow daily.  Unlike other multifamily real estate companies, Berkshire treats all employees like they are part of a family.  The culture at Berkshire Communities enhances property performance and personal growth.  I am personally honored that Berkshire has provided personal development and growth opportunities; without the support of this company and this family, I would not have been named the National Apartment Association Community Manager of the Year in 2014.  


Success, growth and support are some words that come to mind during my 15 years of employment with Berkshire Communities. Leaders with great success have been such an inspiration for me. We set the bar so high for our teams and somehow we find a way to not only meet these goals but exceed them. This can only be done with a great support team who are dedicated individuals sharing the same drive to reach higher than ever before. Learning from some of the most dedicated co-workers one could ever hope for allows me to become a better Berkshire employee and a better individual. Berkshire Communities success will only be as great as the employees and we have some of the best out there.


I love working for Berkshire! I have been a Property Manager for 23 years and this is the best company that I have worked for in my career. I joined Berkshire through the purchase of my community in 2010 and it was quickly evident that this company was doing it right - I am appreciated, heard and valued as an employee. Working for Berkshire, I have the tools and support to maintain and manage my community. We are always changing and growing and improving with the latest technology and trends. I love coming to work every day and being a part of the Berkshire family. 


While I have only been with Berkshire for 8 months as a property manager, it feels like I’ve been here my entire 10 year career.  I sought out this company based on the reputation it held for being an industry leader in innovation, growth, and employee and resident satisfaction.  What I didn’t realize is how quickly Berkshire would feel like “home.”  From the exemplary training department, to the extraordinary support team, from senior management, to my onsite team, every day I am challenged to be the best property manager I can be.  Not only does Berkshire dedicate itself to the employees, but it is a company that truly holds its residents at the core and their satisfaction is always the number one priority. I am looking forward to being part of Berkshire’s future for many years to come.


Working for Berkshire has influenced my growth substantially and push me in a way I have never been pushed before professionally.  The attention to the needs of education among employees is unparalleled within our profession.  Berkshire "walks the walk" with pertaining to the sense of family within their employees that also separates Berkshire from other companies.  I've never worked for a company that cares about the success of their properties and their employees the way upper management does with Berkshire.