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A Commitment to Our Planet

BerkshireTHRIVE is our engine for delivering exceptional living experiences for our residents, fiduciary excellence for our investors, and an exceptional work experience for our team.

The BerkshireTHRIVE Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) program consists of an integrated set of strategies to monitor, track, and enhance our real estate performance, focused on the following:

  • Our Communities - Enhancing resident satisfaction, attraction, and retention.
  • Our Commitment - Sharing and improving our ESG performance with stakeholders.
  • Our Impact - Driving operational efficiencies, mitigating risks, reducing our footprint and creating long term value.
  • Our Team - Curating a uniquely passionate and positive employee culture, making Berkshire an industry employer of choice.

Through ESG best practices, engagement with stakeholders, and a committed team, BerkshireTHRIVE drives value and satisfaction. 

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